For me, the meeting begins on Saturday the 26th. I have several events to attend that day so that I can write about them for my newspaper and the blog.

For the most part, my newspaper is right on track. The graphic designer is designing and I’m almost done with my list of articles to prepare before the meeting. It’s busy, but so far I have managed to not get too caught up in the craziness. Now, I spend most of my day at work just reacting to things that pop up–design issues, translations to proofread, corrections to drafts of articles I’ve written. I’m glad that I worked my to-do list so that I do not have to spend time being creative. Reacting and creating do not mix.

Tomorrow, I’ll take the day off to sleep in and relax. I’m reading the Grapes of Wrath and I downloaded a Hitchcock movie to watch in the afternoon. There’s no sense in getting worn out before the meeting even starts!